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How can a good diet protect you against COVID 19?

Feeding tips


Today more than ever at the Convention Center we have been concerned with accompanying Costa Ricans in a difficult time that the country and the world are experiencing. And although our focus has been to be an Events Center specializing in congress and convention tourism, as well as social events, guaranteeing safety, well-being and moments full of good experiences have been our mission as a company and today they continue to be.

At the Costa Rica Convention Center our commitment now is the safety of our customers and just as we have implemented protocols for the prevention of COVID19, another important effort has been to train our kitchen and food staff since we firmly believe in the importance of a good diet to strengthen the immune system and thus be more prepared for the virus.

Have you ever wondered how diet can be an ally to protect your body in a pandemic? And we have heard many of the protection measures, but little about the importance of a diet that can help us during a pandemic.

We want to share the most important ones:

Keeping your body hydrated Drinking the right amount of water helps fight the flu and other ailments like kidney stones and heart attacks. In other words; improves our immune system

Proteins are the main components of our defenses, and the lipids of our neurological performance. Lipids can be found in oils and animal fats. Red meat (proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals like iron).

Let’s talk about carbohydrates: flours, noodles and rice, potatoes, are carbohydrates that give satiety but do not meet nutritional needs. To provide good nutrients, we can add ingredients, which have a high nutritional value, such as seeds (sunflower, chia, pumpkin, sesame) and cereals with good protein value (amaranth, millet, quinoa, oats, corn).

The importance of including seeds that are sources of essential fatty acids (formers of cell membranes, energy reserves, metabolic functions, neurological protectors and against inflammation). Most of the seeds contain omegas that are required for the disposal of toxic substances (antioxidants) and for the proper development of tissues.

In the same way, vegetables are always necessary in a healthy diet, many, if not all, are medicinal. For a dish to be nutritious, it has to have all the colors. Everything that is green in general provides iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. They take care of the liver and the defenses. Within vegetables, green is usually the most complete. Everything that is orange, yellow or red generally provides vitamin A and C, folic acid and beta-carotene that take care of the skin and mucous membranes. White tends to contain potassium, selenium, and they are powerful antibiotics and antiparasitics, very important to take care of infections, in general they take care of the heart and lungs.

On the other hand, infusions take on a lot of value. They are therapeutic and keep the tract moist, warm and hydrated. It is always better to consume them without sugar or with honey. Honey and all its derivatives, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, are very important at this time and at this time, they are added at the end with the warm infusion to take advantage of their properties.

In addition to providing this valuable information, we want to tell you about an important change that we have made in the Convention Center and it has been to achieve a specialized menu where all these points are included to offer a variety of healthy options. And furthermore, we have a platform where we share healthy recipes from our beloved Chef, so that our followers and clients can make them at home, with ingredients that will provide all the necessary nutrients to strengthen the immune system.

We know that better times will come and that we will be able to share them together. But for now our greatest wish is that you and your family are safe. Do not miss these tips.

If you want more information about our security protocols visit us:

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We reopen with new virtual services

At the Costa Rica Convention Center we are very happy to reopen our doors and welcome you.

Not only are we ready to run events for up to 75 people with a corporate focus specialized in congress and convention tourism, but we have also reinvented ourselves to go further by offering new virtual products.

For us, security and the contribution that the knowledge of Costa Ricans does not stop have been our engine to be able to offer new virtual services and thus bring practical and innovative solutions to our clients and their businesses. Likewise, establishing and complying with health security protocols means that the opening to be able to organize and execute face-to-face events of up to 75 people ensures a quality experience, offering great technology, a variety of spaces, gastronomy of the highest level, and our advice personalized, which has differentiated us in the country.

And to tell you a little more about our new services, both our clients and their guests will be able to enjoy a wide portfolio of virtual products such as:

  • Streaming Service: A perfect way to reach a larger audience today.
  • Recording set: Where we provide the space, technology and necessary furniture.
  • Podcast room: To create personalized and original content offering you all the tools.

Hybrid experiences for congresses and fairs: A way to connect with your audience in a virtual and face-to-face way at the same time.

Global design service: Conceptualize, design and transmit a virtual experience either for a 100% online event or a hybrid event with people on site and online.

All these new services have the support and quality of the Costa Rica Convention Center, where we conceptualize and design your entire virtual experience, in addition to the advice before, during and after the event by our team.

So not only do we reopen our doors and hearts to face-to-face events, but we also welcome a new way of creating them.

If you want more information about our new services or to schedule an event, visit us here:

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How do you deal with the stress of postponing events?

Quarantine has forced us to change many things in a very short time, both in our personal lives and in our work routines.

Most of the plans we had at the beginning of the year today are probably postponed and events are not immune to this rule.

Having to postpone an event, and continue doing it indefinitely for reasons that are not within our control, can cause us discomfort and anxiety, for this reason, we want to share these tips that will help you deal with those feelings.

Accept: Although many things are happening right now that we cannot control or change, there are others that are. One of them is our thinking, so the first thing you can do to reduce the stress and anxiety you feel is to accept that your event is going to be different from the one you had planned in the beginning and that this is not bad.

Acceptance will allow you to make decisions with an optimistic approach and also enjoy the new preparations thinking why not, in an event better than the original.

Reframe: Having alternatives is always a good way to prepare emotionally for uncertainty, in this sense, the best way to eliminate the tension generated by postponing an event is not to have to postpone it!

To achieve this, it is necessary that you explore what other options are available, for example, you could organize a virtual or hybrid version of your event, or modify the original structure to be able to carry it out in several small sessions, adapted to current health restrictions. In case you decide to rethink, the most important thing is that you review your priorities and be clear about which aspects you want to adapt and which ones you don’t.

We know that the current context is challenging for our industry, but we assure you that, with a positive and stress-free vision, the experience of planning your event can be very rewarding and enriching.

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Professional Upgrade Platform


The CCCR has been recognized as an innovative venue and committed to Costa Rica. Due to the work stoppage that the country has suffered due to the COVID-19 virus and the adaptations that have had to be implemented, we have reinvented ourselves as a company for the benefit of all Costa Rican citizens. A professional update platform has been developed, where all those who have been left without work, companies or those who wish to expand their knowledge and acquire new tools can register for training with highly trained exhibitors, 100% free and certified.

How does it work?

The platform has a simple registration process for each conference, we will detail it below:

  • First you must enter the link:
  • Select your preferred training and enroll.
  • Once registered, you will receive a link through WhatsApp so that you can access the conference according to the agreed time for each topic.
  • After this, each participant will receive a certificate of participation that will strengthen their resume. The certificate will not apply to retransmissions.

As a company, we want this time to be of maximum use and personal and professional enrichment. When this situation passes, we will come back stronger than ever. Together we can do it!


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Get to know these food recommendations for your events

Every time we think about food to enjoy at an event hall, we picture a long buffet line, right? And although that is a great option for a large party, there are other ways to introduce food into your event. Let’s take a look at a few:

• Brunch: the Best of Both Worlds
If you are planning an event like a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday celebration, or even a wedding, you could consider this trend that has swept the world in the last few years. A brunch combines the best parts of the recipes, usually divided between breakfast and lunch, and we are able to create a party that generally starts at 10:00am and go on until the afternoon in a casual and relaxed environment.

• More than a Coffee
If you are organizing something a bit more formal, like a business meeting, how about taking the classic coffee and biscuits to another level? Planning more nutritious and elaborate snacks for meetings and congresses is key to make the attendees happy and full of energy.

• What Kind of Diner?
For large events such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries or quinceañera parties, diner is one of the most expected elements by the guests when arriving at the party hall. But, how will you serve it? If we are talking about a reasonable number of guests, serving at the table is generally more elegant and efficient cost wise. And if we are talking about large number of guests, the buffet is always an excellent choice.

• The Food Truck Craze
Surely you have seen them at any mass event that you have attended: Food trucks with all types of food available for you to choose your favorite. This is a great option for concerts, fairs, and expositions.

• Take into Consideration all the Possible Diet Restrictions
Nowadays, the food options that we offer at our event halls must always include, or at least when possible, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

At the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica, we have a gastronomical team ready to take your ideas to the next level in the party hall. Have you seen our gastronomic offer? You can check it out here:

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Discover how you can organize the best corporate parties for your employees

The time of the year has come when celebrating is the #1 priority in almost everyone’s agendas, and that also means that it is time to celebrate with your coworkers for a year of hard work.

Corporate parties are expected by most, and we must make sure that when arriving at the event hall, the time is special and memorable for all. That is why today we have for you some tips to organize an impeccable celebration.

• Choose the type of event
This does not necessarily have to be the traditional evening party (although this format is always valid); you can also think of activities less common like a brunch or a lunch with cocktails in the afternoon. This decision is the first step for you to start planning an event calmly and with a defined set of priorities.

• Gather a team
Meet with coworkers who have similar aptitudes to help you with logistics, design, decoration, and even creativity to plan different activities to surprise the party guests.

• Choose a place
A great event hall is one that manages to adapt to the needs of the different types of parties that it hosts, that is why you should keep in mind these elements when asking for a quote: does it offer technological facilities? Does it offer its own food service? Etc.

• Food and beverages
Here we have a few important decisions to make: will we offer a full meal or will we offer a variety of snacks? This depends on the level of formality of the event.
The same happens with the beverages; it is always good to stop and think about what kind of liquors we will offer. If we are talking about a formal evening, a good selection of wines is enough, but if we are talking about a more dynamic ambience, we must decide the quantity and types of liquor to create that delicate balance.

• Schedule acknowledgements and speeches
This is basic, but we must always find a moment in the itinerary for the leaders of the company to thank the employees and give special recognitions to people who has stood out throughout the work year.

• Don’t forget the music
Whether it is a live band or a DJ, music is crucial in any party hall. Choose wisely, it must liven everybody up!

These are our basic tips for you to organize an unforgettable celebration for your coworkers and employees.

Remember that at the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica we not only have versatile spaces but also top-quality food, beverages services, technological facilities, and, above all, complete assistance. Let’s talk!

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How to organize a successful meeting

It may sound easy, but to organize a successful meeting there are several specific elements to take into consideration to make sure that we have a rewarding Business Meeting. Here is a guide with the essential steps:

  1. Send the invitation with plenty of time and RSVP

It is very important to take your time to check the meeting guest list and ask ourselves if their presence is absolutely necessary. When the list is ready, sending the digital invitation one week before the event is ideal, as well as reconfirming the attendance one day before.

  1. Have the agenda with the topics to cover ready

Many meetings lose productivity because of a lack of a detailed agenda with a clear description of the topics to cover or discuss. Checking beforehand the objectives of the meeting allows us to proceed in an orderly and clear way to be as efficient as possible with the time.

  1. Assign someone to keep a track of time and write the meeting minutes

In larger scale meetings, there is always one person in charge of keeping time to make sure that all the objectives in the agenda are met. It is also crucial to choose the right person to write precise yet concise meeting minutes.

  1. Choose healthy snacks

Generally, meeting snacks consist of coffee, beverages, and something light to eat: the most important aspect here to take into consideration is for them to be healthy. Avoiding excess sugar and fat is key to keep the guests active during the meeting.


If you need a room fully equipped to have an important Business Meeting, at the conventions center we have a variety of rooms to hold different capacities. We have cutting-edge technology and all the camenities – including excellent gastronomy – for you to enjoy a successful and productive meeting. Get to know more of our meeting rooms and here.

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The best drink according to your event

Besides the food, the organization, and the decoration, one of the most important elements in any Social or Corporate Event are the drinks. Every specific event has drinks that are associated to them, and that is why we are highlighting some important details that you can take into consideration when planning your next activity.

-Meetings, Talks, or Morning Events

In this case, the predominant beverages are many people’s favorites in the mornings: coffee and orange juice. Bust just because they are traditional beverages it does not mean that we cannot innovate or be creative in the Event Hall; we can use different methods of preparation – in the case of coffee – or add other ingredients to the juice so that your guests will definitely notice and remember it.

-Social Events

For weddings, graduations, anniversaries, etc., choosing the drinks is highly important to keep the party hall cheerful. It is all about finding a balance between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: this will always depend on who is organizing the party. Sometimes, some prefer to focus on a good selection of wines, while others seize the opportunity to explore different types of ingredients and liquors by creating original cocktails for the occasion. And while carbonated drinks are the common solution for the non-alcoholic beverages, it is also a great opportunity to get creative!

The Boom of New Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

The last point takes us to this section: the new wave of non-alcoholic beverages that is popular thanks to the wellness tendency. Fermented ingredients like kombucha or classic like coconut water are mixed with other flavors to create new types of beverages that will cautivate your guests without the need of alcohol.


So now you know, if you are organizing a Party, Talk, or Meeting, don’t forget to carefully choose your drinks! This can be the detail that makes your guests have an unforgettable experience at the Event Hall. Ask us for a quote here to create a unique food and beverages plan.

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Tendencies to decorate your school prom

School prom is a rite of passage for all the boys and girls graduating from high school: many will remember this night dearly, especially if the decoration is particularly memorable. That is why we offer you some of the tendencies currently being used to decorate the party hall where the activity will take place:


It is expected to have flowers on this type of party, but one of the strongest tendencies is to use tropical vegetation with lots of foliage and vibrant colors.  In terms of decorative elements, a sixties and minimalist mood adapts very well.

-Themed parties

Why not take this event to the next level and let creativity flow? In terms of decoration, you can do many things with themed parties: Casino, Under the Sea, Black and White, Circus, etc.

-Outdoor parties

Taking advantage of the dry season in our country, one of the biggest tendencies in the last few years is to have parties outdoors, taking advantage to create a more casual ambience. Long wooden tables and Christmas lights come to play, even food trucks to creatively solve the matter of food.


Did any of these caught your attention? Remember that we have room in our facilities to reflect any idea onto the party hall. Quote your event here.

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Follow these 5 tips to organize a successful congress

Are you considering planning a congress?  It is an extremely particular event, and its organization may pose a significative challenge for all involved.  The most important thing is to plan it with time and tackle the logistic process step by step. We have 5 tips to help you have a successful congress:

  1. Consider an appropriate sponsorship

In order to afford a quality congress, you need sponsors who are related to the area you are dealing with: it is always important to do this months ahead of the event.

  1. Create or encourage a community:

The first step is to know what kind of people we want to gather at the event hall; if it is a professional established community or if we want to create it from uniting several knowledge or interest segments. This will help us define the objectives according to the theme chosen for the congress.

  1. Carefully choose the lecturers

The idea is that the lecturers that will attract an audience to the congress are renowned on their work areas, but they must also be chosen according to their charisma and ability to keep the audience’s interest.

  1. Attention to detail

In every step of the process, you must make a continuous revision of the details to avoid being overwhelmed by all on the day of the event. You must remember that, if left unattended, small details can build up until they are noticed by the guests.

  1. Use technology to our favor

Nowadays, technology is our ally in any event we need: from projectors, surround sound, LED screens, to digital media that work to broadcast the congress.


Do you have any congress or conference in mind? Remember that at the Costa Rica Convention Center we have halls and amenities that can adapt to every one of the needs of your event. Contact us for advice and information here.