Convention Center of Costa Rica Starts Operations

Until recently it was at the preoperational stage consisting of coordinating internal logistics and supplier selection.

Just a few months after the opening was announced and the first preoperational stage was completed, the Convention Center of Costa Rica (CCCR) officially started operations on August 1, as provided in the initial schedule submitted to the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT).

“Our goal is to develop a Convention Center with international quality standards and services and effective operations. For us, it was key to successfully complete the preoperational stage and start operations the same way,” stated Álvaro Rojas, General Manager at the CCCR.

The venue is run by Grupo Heroica – Volio Trejos S.A., a private consortium with vast experience in running these venues, for it already runs two convention centers in addition to the CCCR, in compliance with high quality standards. Besides, one of our partners runs +60 hotels in Latin America, adding to the background of this company.

With the start of operations, Costa Rica now features an international quality Convention Center, a symbol of Costa Rican DNA, strategically conceived to strengthen the meetings industry –an activity that, according to the Global Report on the Meetings Industry by the World Tourism Organization, is becoming more important for future economic growth. A case in point, it is estimated that this tourism industry not only creates direct and indirect employment but also strengthens knowledge economy.

In fact, according to statistics published by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), events required by trade associations have increased every ten years since 1950.

“More associations and companies are choosing to host their events at specialized facilities such as the CCCR. Therefore, they are taking advantage of the benefits enjoyed by other countries that have actually had such infrastructure and services for many years,” added the General Manager.