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Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards

We work well alone, but together we work better. We are proud to inform you that the Costa Rica Convention Center is among the great winners of the 2021 Eventex Awards.


What are the Eventex awards?

The Eventex Awards are one of the most appreciated awards in the world of events and experimental marketing, they represent a symbol of excellence since their foundation in 2009. For the 2021 edition, 561 entries were counted and received from a total of 37 countries.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate creativity, innovation and efficiency in the industry. Every year, the competition highlights the best agencies, events and technology in the world of events.

The Eventex awards obtained in 2021 are:

  • The gold award, received in the category of «People’s Choice»: We have received this award for the second consecutive year, thanks to the public vote, where anyone around the world can choose the venue or event they want.
  • The bronze award in the category of «Best Convention Center in the World»: This award focuses on highlighting the different qualities and operation of the CCCR. In this category we highlight the following characteristics:Its highly trained and specialized staff in the creation and care of events. Infrastructure and sustainability. Flexibility to change, innovation and achievements.
  • The award in the category of «Most Versatile Venue»: In this category, we highlight the adaptability of the venue, as well as:Attention to detail and customer needs.Adaptability to change and implementation of virtuality as a new business unit.

The foregoing adds to the more than 18 international certifications, recognitions and awards that they have received since its inauguration in August 2018 and that help to position Costa Rica within the world map of the Meetings Industry, which is awaiting that sanitary restrictions improve for the realization of a large number of events and makes our country one of the first options in Latin America as the venue for important events.

Álvaro Rojas, General Manager of the Costa Rica Convention Center has repeatedly mentioned that these recognitions are the reward for the effort and work developed by an entire team that has been leading, working and developing different initiatives for several years at the Center.

He also indicated that the ICT has had a great vision in the diversification of tourism products, placing Costa Rica as one of the most important emerging destinations in the Meetings Industry. As the only Convention Center in Costa Rica, we are committed to continue adding to the country, transmitting knowledge and creating unique experiences in our clients that allow us to continue positioning ourselves in the world.

Today, each event that takes place we focus on giving an excellent service but also on taking care of all the people who enter the venue, we have a traceability document, which allows us to have greater control of people, cleaning stations and technology state-of-the-art that makes our classrooms a safe environment for the enjoyment of each activity. This year 2021, we will continue working very hard and focused for the 2022 awards, we have a challenge ahead, but we are consequent that with effort and dedication we will be able to continue reaping greater recognition to our country and improve our position in the Meetings Industry.

«Receiving an Eventex award is a tremendous recognition for the Costa Rica Convention Center. Each award is based entirely on merit and recognizes the company’s fantastic creativity, flexibility and drive for innovation, ”commented Ovanes Ovanessian, co-founder of Eventex Awards. If you want to see more of our articles you can click her


Events at CCCR

Global Meeting Industry Day at CRCC

Global Meeting Industry Day at CRCC

This April 8 we celebrated with great enthusiasm in our venue the “Global Meeting Industry Day” which was a 100% face-to-face event organized by the Costa Rica Convention Bureau and SITE Central America.

At the event we have stands and high caliber exhibitors such as the present Minister of Tourism Mr. Gustavo Segura, Hernán Binaghi President of CATURGUA (Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism) and Dennis Whitelaw President of the Costa Rica CVB (Costa Rican Convention Bureau ) who, in addition to informing about the current situation of the industry in Costa Rica, explain the different tools that exist to carry out face-to-face events again such as congresses, conventions and exhibitions as long as the health security protocols are followed.

In the event we had a community activity, which consisted of collecting personal care items from the participants, which would be donated to the “Chepe se Baña” project, fulfilling one of our main objectives at SITE which is to support socially disadvantaged people.

We are very proud to have been part of the celebration that is so important to us.

Events at CCCR

How to make a successful corporate party in these times?

Hybrid events take hold


At the Convention Center we understand that the new way of holding events changed as a result of the pandemic we are experiencing. However, this has made innovation and technology the new guests of honor at corporate parties and even in tourism for meetings, congresses and corporate conventions.

At the Costa Rica Convention Center we have worked very hard to offer the best hybrid experiences to our clients where, thanks to our security certifications, we can offer a variety of safe spaces and also offer all the equipment and technology to create virtual events that are combined with the presence of up to 75 people.

Due to social distancing, the work culture has undergone unavoidable and unexpected changes within a large number of companies. For this reason, it is very important to maintain and promote a work environment of closeness, trust and continue with the training and motivation tasks to increase productivity.

One of the great motivations is the famous New Year’s Eve party in companies. Undoubtedly this year the celebration will not be much like the previous ones, but we can take the positive from the advantages that technology gives us so that this party becomes a unique event that your collaborators will never forget.

We want to share ideas and tips to achieve an unforgettable corporate party this 2020:

  • An online concert: An online concert with one or more national artists can be the perfect plan for your company party. We have the space and technology to help you do it and thus bring your collaborators an incredible moment to their homes. The way of communicating it can be very creative such as a funny count or sending clues to make the event a surprise. They will only have to connect one day at a certain time to sing and dance from their homes. From here, we will be taking care of every detail.
  • Cooking class: Totally changing the way the famous corporate party was celebrated can lead to new talents being found, and cooking can be one of them. A nice way for your collaborators to share with their colleagues and family is through a delicious cooking class. A great idea is for our chef to challenge your collaborators to make a delicious recipe. Imagine being at home and when you open the door you are handed a basket full of delicious ingredients and invited to join an online class and eat delicious. We take care of the rest, offering the space and equipment to make it a unique moment.
  • Cocktail Night: What if you toast in a different way this year? We know that drinks are a favorite part of every event and we want to offer you a different idea of ​​enjoying them this year, which you think is the idea of ​​having an exclusive mixologist for your work team, without a doubt in our venue you will have the ideal space so that the show begins and thus the creation of the best drinks while your collaborators perform them live from their homes and enjoy them with the rest of their colleagues online.

And there are many other ways to enjoy with your collaborators and for this we also have the best service and advice, to help you create all kinds of events that comply with the protocols of the Ministry of Health and with virtual services to create the best Hybrid corporate parties of the country.


Count on us as an event center to bring your collaborators an incredible experience that they will never forget.


At the Convention Center we want to close the year with a new way of creating experiences.


If you want more information about our new services or to schedule an event visit us here:

Events at CCCR

Virtual Services «LIVE 2020»

During these last 5 months, we have made the most of the time.

By closing our doors and being able to only attend a reduced capacity in our venue, we set ourselves the task of generating new services that could facilitate and expand the number of attendees to the events in a safe way and maintaining the quality that characterizes us.

For this reason, on Tuesday, August 11, we launched through the Zoom platform, our launch of the new virtual services «En VIVO 2020».

We were accompanied at the event by more than 300 participants, to whom we introduced live the new five services that the CCCR offers, which cover the different needs of the market, ranging from hybrid experiences, streaming services, to recording rooms. It is important to highlight that these can be adjusted according to the requirements of your companies or social activities.

Since the opening of the Costa Rica Convention Center, we have given life to the events industry, we have built the definition of live experiences as a team and we have always delivered the best of services. For that reason, if you could not participate or want to see the broadcast, we invite you to enter our YouTube channel and if you want to quote any of these great services you can enter to the following link

We thank all those people who in one way or another have supported us during this new stage, we are waiting for you soon at the CCCR, a safe environment.

Events at CCCR

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Webinar

Webinars are the opportunity to continue teaching from home and for that reason, we will tell you how to get the best out of them and connect with your audience.

The current situation has forced us to adapt to the new reality and the trainings found a place in the virtual world with webinars. These online talks are far from being a presentation where you stand in front of the camera and improvise and closer to being a structured format, where it is necessary to prepare a script, set some guidelines and practice, so that it flows in the best way.

If you are planning to make yours, take into account these recommendations to develop it successfully and leave your guests wanting more:

Use supporting graphic material

When planning your webinar, it is important that you accompany your seminar with a presentation that can serve as a guide for the participants. This material should contain little text and more images or infographics, so as not to saturate the screen with information and thus have the perfect balance to maintain attention throughout the talk.


  1. I shared timely information

A webinar is a space to present the most important data of what you want to communicate, therefore, we recommend that you choose the key ideas and present them with a brief explanation, without falling into the practice of complementing your seminar with filler information that it can generate loss of interest in your audience.


  1. Add success stories or examples

The information you are presenting can impact even more those who are part of your webinar, if you link that data with examples or success stories, ideally it can be related to situations that they may have in their daily life so that their understanding about them is even easier. how to apply it to reality.

  1. Interact with your audience

One of the parts that you will surely miss about face-to-face seminars is the interaction. Therefore, it is important that you make a space for questions at the end of your talk so that participants can evacuate doubts, add comments and thus enjoy a pleasant conversation. These types of initiatives should be communicated before starting the talk, so that the public can write down their questions during the development of the webinar.

  1. I offered options to continue their learning

Since you caught their attention, you can take advantage of this interest to recommend other topics to your audience that they can learn about with you and thus create a link for what your next webinar could be. It is important that you recommend a maximum of 2 or 3 extra topics as the closing of your presentation and a short explanation of how they could be useful for its growth.

Are you ready for your next webinar? Take the leap! At the CCCR we have a space equipped with all the comforts and a support team that will accompany you before, during and after the broadcast, to make sure that everything will go as you planned.

Take the opportunity to attract your audience and show your talent with training that can be very helpful for those at home wanting to learn. Click here and contact us!

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Most important Gamer event in the Central American Region

Deluxe Edition will be at the Costa Rica Convention Center February 01 and 02

Dedicated activity for lovers of video games and eSports

San José, Costa Rica The Connecturday event brings together communities of geek culture in the perfect setting for all fevers to meet people who share the same tastes and hobbies. The event will take place on February 01 and 02 at the Convention Center, an area that has the best conditions to host this type of activity.

The convention that brings together the Gamer & Geek community will have a space to enjoy, play and compete, this 10th edition is undoubtedly the most interactive, it is an event with a lot of interactivity, not only observe, attendees will be able to enjoy many cultural activities , commercials and above all a lot of gaming.
«With an impressive growth rate of the Gamer and eSports industry above 20% per year, Connecturday is the most important meeting point of the scene in Central America» commented Oscar Romero, General Manager The Road Tech.

The agenda has great moments in which participants will be able to enjoy more than 16 daily tournaments, platforms to test games, arcades, exhibitions, concerts, an exhibition of Costa Rican video game developers, eSports conferences, board games, cosplayers and graphic artists invited as part of the event.

¨Events like this show the versatility of our venue for different markets, and for the Convention Center it is an honor to be able to receive the 10th edition of Connecturday, we are a venue that offers the infrastructure to host a first-rate event and offer attendees an experience with the best comforts ”added Álvaro Rojas General Manager of the Convention Center.

The event provides free transportation service from Avenida 2da, from the restaurant Burger King diagonal to the National Theater, buses will leave both days at different times, places are limited and while supplies last.

Events at CCCR

Convention Center announces its end of the year party

San Jose Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Convention Center promises to close the year by offering an experience that will renew all the expectations of the attendees. It is a 10-hour party that will feature the participation of musical groups such as:

Los Ajenos, Son de Tikizia and renowned DJs in the country, who will be in charge of spicing up the night to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome to 2020.

“December 31 is one of the most important dates for most people and Grupo Heroica brings to the Costa Rica Convention Center an end-of-the-year experience in the style of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, a complete event, with concerts, djs, various environments, food and premium drinks among other surprises will make it an unforgettable day for the attendees ”added Álvaro Rojas, General Manager of the Convention Center.
During the first year of operation, the Convention Center has managed to position itself as a venue that offers versatility for all types of events, based on excellence, service and quality in the gastronomic offer.

“The event will start from 8pm and will end at 6am on January 1, 2020, we will have two locations that adapt to what our guests are looking for. The Platinum Zone will have a buffet dinner, a premium open bar and table service to await the arrival of the year, as well as snack stations throughout the night. The Gold Zone has snack stations and a premium open bar during the 10-hour party. Both locations have access to the same entertainment agenda, live music and other surprises to celebrate ”, added Montserrat Núñez, New Business Manager of the Convention Center.

An exclusive pre-sale will be enabled for BAC cardholders with prices ranging from 55,250 colones. In the sales phase, prices start from 65,000 colones to 115,000 colones depending on the selected location. You can buy your tickets at, for more information go to: or by calling 7175-1400 / 2106-1600.

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Leaders of the area will deepen on inclusion and gender equality

  • According to the Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum, there is an average difference of 32% between men and women.
  • The Central American Powerful Women Forum will take place in Costa Rica on September 3rd.

San Jose, Costa Rica. With the motto “Inclusion Competitive Advantage,” the Forbes Forum for Powerful Women arrives at Central American. The event will take place in Costa Rica and will gather the area’s prestigious decision makers, who will share their experiences, training, desires of entrepreneurship, and obligation to transcend.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, there still is an average 32% gender breach. Costa Rica ranks 22 globally on this subject; however, regarding equal opportunity and economic participation, the country ranks 105. This initiative aims to create these opportunities and reduce the gap in the region.

At the discussion forum, women from different industries will address subjects related to the good practices on inclusion and gender equality initiatives at companies, the economic benefits that female talent brings, the progress of inclusion, and the transcendence of women in the last 5 years.

The Pact for Equality will be signed at the event, in which important leaders of the country and the region will commit to rive actions and public policies that promote better conditions for the development of women in every field.

Internationally, the activity will count on Jimena Almedares’ participation, one of the 100 renowned women in Silicon Valley, and the first Latin American woman to receive this distinction. The activity will also count on the participation of the first indigenous actress nominated to an Oscar, Yalitza Aparicio, and Eugenio Gómez, director of the Research Center for Women in Senior Management, IPADE.

Nationally, the event will have Mónica Segnini, businesswoman and Costa Rican politician; Ineke Geensik, general manager of Microsoft Costa Rica; Nuria María Raventós, political analyst and businesswomen; and Yokasta Valle, Boxing World Champion.

More than 350 women will participate on the event, mainly businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and decision makers for the development of their companies and the economic contributions of Costa Rica. Those interested in attending the event can get their ticket on YAPPX or participate via streaming on

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A same sex wedding fair is organized in Costa Rica for the first time

  • It will take place at the conventions center from July 26 – 28
  • The event is supported by the Diverse Commerce Chamber of Costa Rica

For the first time in Costa Rica, a wedding fair is being organized for the LGBT+ community, which will gather together in the same space different product service providers to organize these types of events, called Pride Wedding.

This event will take place at the Costa Rica Convention Center from Friday July 28 until Sunday July 28 and will have over 80 service and product providers for weddings.

Johan Villamil, director of Pride Wedding, explains that “this initiative was born thanks to the fact that the Constitutional Chamber passed a resolution that legitimates equal marriage in the country starting on May 2020.”

“This is why we designed this exposition called Pride Wedding, because we wish to offer all these couples the possibility and opportunity of getting to know different providers in the wedding service and product market, as well as trainings in different subjects so that they have all the tools necessary to organize the wedding of their dreams,” added Villamil.

This Expo is focused on same-sex people with the purpose of creating a safe space, free of prejudice and, mainly, that the attendees feel tranquility when assisting without fearing hate acts. However, the activity is open to the public, as it is hetero friendly.

What will you find at Pride Wedding? On the one side, people who visit will have the opportunity to visit over 120 stands with services and products, such as wedding planners, bride dresses and gentleman suits, jewelry, gastronomic options, event rooms, makeup artists, decoration, department stores, hotels, among others.

Also, during these days, attendees will enjoy raffles, seven different runways dedicated to beach, city, and mountain weddings, clothing for the wedding party, and honeymoon options by Fabrizzio Berrocal, among other designers. Additionally, the Expo will have artistic presentations by Sasha Campbell, Tabasco, several DJs, among others.

Regarding the trainings, attendees will be able to participate in workshops with renown lecturers like Limberg Solera from the school Vínculo Erótico Amoroso, who will talk about the importance and relevance of taking a premarital course to analyze the relationship and bond between the couples.

In addition, the president of the Diverse Commerce Chamber of Costa Rica will present on the importance of the new seal of diversity and the importance of businesses being aware of how to be inclusive of all the population. This certification is important because it is the first world seal that aims to highlight discrimination free spaces.

Moreover, Herman Duarte, an outstanding lawyer, will explain the importance of the rights of the LGBT+ community, among other lectures.

Likewise, comedian Fedra Lu will present her Stand Up Comedy shows throughout the day so that everyone enjoys a dose of humor at Pride Wedding.

“This is the first event of its kind in Central America and the Caribbean, and that is why Pride Wedding is betting on expanding its horizons internationally starting next year, to offer same-sex couples who are soon to be wed an option to plan this important date with some ease during the event,” added Villamil.

Tickets. Tickets will be available on at 4,000 and 5,000 colones. The schedule will be Friday 2:00pm – 10:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm.

For more information, those who are interested can visit the Facebook page Boda Pride LGTBI CR.

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Clothing industry, fashion design creativity will be part of the lectures of the Costa Rica Fashion Week

  • Fashion event with the longest track record in the country will take place from August 2 – 4
  • The CRFW partners with Cocos Island to highlight the national concept


San José, Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Fashion Week (CRFW), the first official event of the clothing industry and tailoring of Costa Rica, will take place from August 2 – 4 at the Centro de Convensiones de Costa Rica (CCCR).

The event, which will develop an educational process with Costa Rican companies, small and medium sized workshops, seamstresses, fashion design students and graduates both public and private, keeps its goal intact, which is to promote and visualize the clothing industry and tailoring of Costa Rica.

The 2019 edition of the CRFW will have four main cornerstones: SME Expo, fashion shows, lectures, trainings and workshops, and social and cultural interest activities.

Taking into consideration the importance of that the lectures and trainings bring to the CRFW, the organization officially announces part of the subjects that experts in the matter will cover during these two days.


Friday August 2nd:

  • “Challenges of the Clothing Industry in Costa Rica for the product positioning and exportation,” by MSc. Juan José Jiménez Granados, director of the CRFW
  • “How to Consolidate your Clothing Company,” by Rolando Marín, head of the Entrepreneurship Department of the DIGEPYME Ministry of Commerce and Industry MEIC.
  • “How to Have the Nation Brand for your Company,” by Cinthya Prendas PROCOMER
  • “¿Appointments with Clothing Promoter of PROCOMER,” by Kevin Villalta.
  • “Practical Workshop by INA Núcleo Textil: Using Accessories to Accelerate Clothing Tailoring,” by Minor Acosta González.


 Saturday August 3rd:

  • “¿What Is and Isn’t High Couture?” by Adriana Orozco.
  • “Fashion Design and Its Creative Process,” by MSc. Reynaldo José Flores, designer and professor at the Universidad EDP Puerto Rico.
  • “Relevance, Linkage, and Innovation as a core idea for the development of knowledge in the Academic and Professional Fields,” by Licenciada Lorena Ledesma Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes México.
  • “Workshops on Textile Rescue and Investigation,” by Mr. Max Sepúlveda (Chile).


“Our goal is to provide quality trainings with strong contents to the attendees, taught by matter experts, whom we are privileged to have in our country,” explained Mr. Juan José Jiménez, director of the CRFW.

The event will have special guests and national and international designers, like Elly Guesa (Mexico), Aline Moreno (Mexico), Miguel Chong (Honduras), Harry Garay (Nicaragua), Rolando Torres (Panama), Jaime Luna (Panama), among others.


United with Cocos Island

As it has been customary in its 18 past editions, the CRFW focuses on providing a great support to the local, and by being hosted at the Costa Rica Convention Center, the event builds the cornerstones to becoming an environmentally friendly activity that opts for the national talent and beauty. This is why, for the first time ever, the CRFW will have an alliance with the FUNDACIÓN AMIGOS DE LA ISLA DEL COCO (FAICO).

The purpose of this alliance is that the CRFW helps to channel the economic resources (donations) so that FAICO fulfills its mail goal: secure and channel financial, human and technical resources toward dominant actions that help preserve and keep the wildlife and natural and land resources of Cocos Island.  With this in mind, the CRFW will donate $5 USD for every entrance ticket sold.

FAICO will have a stand at the CRFW to promote its campaign “My Cocos Island.” The goal of this campaign is for attendees to get to know Cocos Island through a virtual reality technology experience, where they can live and feel the experience of being there and enjoying its natural beauty without having to travel 532 kilometers.

The lecture and trainings at the CRFW will be free but reservations must be made in advance. The only activity that has a payed entrance will be the four fashion shows that will happen between Friday and Sunday. The price of the ticket, as well as where to buy them and the schedule of the activities, will be announced soon. It is important to highlight that there will be special promotions with BAC Credomatic.


For more information about the Costa Rica Fashion Week, visit the Facebook page @costaricafashionweek or the Instagram page @crfashionweek.