Tendencies to decorate your school prom


Tendencies to decorate your school prom


Tendencies to decorate your school prom

School prom is a rite of passage for all the boys and girls graduating from high school: many will remember this night dearly, especially if the decoration is particularly memorable.

That is why we offer you some of the tendencies currently being used to decorate the party hall where the activity will take place:


It is expected to have flowers on this type of party, but one of the strongest tendencies is to use tropical vegetation with lots of foliage and vibrant colors. In terms of decorative elements, a sixties and minimalist mood adapts very well.

-Themed parties

Why not take this event to the next level and let creativity flow? In terms of decoration, you can do many things with themed parties: Casino, Under the Sea, Black and White, Circus, etc.

-Outdoor parties

Taking advantage of the dry season in our country, one of the biggest tendencies in the last few years is to have parties outdoors, taking advantage to create a more casual ambience. Long wooden tables and Christmas lights come to play, even food trucks to creatively solve the matter of food.

Graduation party

Did any of these caught your attention? Remember that we have room in our facilities to reflect any idea onto the party hall. Quote your event here.

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