Mil expertos se reunirán en Centro de Convenciones


Mil expertos se reunirán en Centro de Convenciones


Mil expertos se reunirán en Centro de Convenciones

Veterinary Congress will put Costa Rica on the world map of class A events

Specialists from 61 countries will arrive on Costa Rican territory.

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) indicates that in 2017 Buenos Aires was the Latin American city that organized the most meetings of this type with 131 activities.

The organization of the next World Veterinary Association Congress, to be held April 27-30 at the Costa Rica Convention Center, will put the country on a direct route to enter the competition for this type of event market.

According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) in 2017, 12 500 meetings of this type were organized, a figure that reached a historic number (

The initiative of the College of Veterinary Doctors of Costa Rica allowed the country to host the first world-class event at the Convention Center where more than 1,000 veterinary medicine professionals and specialists from 61 countries will gather.

According to ICCA, in 2017 the leading city in this market segment was Barcelona with 195 meetings, followed by Paris and Vienna (both with 190) and in fourth position Berlin (185).

“Also noteworthy is the rise of Buenos Aires, which has moved from 17th to 11th place in the ranking, placing it as the first city in the American contender and staying just outside the Top 10. Other important rises were experienced by Budapest (up 4 positions) and Hong Kong (up 6 positions). For their part, Tokyo and Montreal have reached the Top 20 for the first time”, says the ICCA report.

The World Veterinary Congress 2019 will have exhibitors from countries such as Chile, United States, Brazil, Scotland, India, Holland, Italy, Argentina, England and Costa Rica.


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The President of the CMVCR, Silvia Coto, highlighted that apart from the socioeconomic impact, the World Congress will allow Costa Rican professionals to have access to the latest advances in the medicine of minor species (dogs and cats), wildlife, major species (equines and bovines), small ruminants, public health, management in disaster situations and innovation and academia.

“The fact that our country has been able to host an event of this caliber is a sign of confidence in the quality of Costa Rican professionals; therefore, we must make the most of it to remain at the forefront in this field, which is extremely important to achieve world-class livestock production and veterinary services,” said Coto.

The ICCA country ranking indicates that the nation that organized the most congresses in 2017 was the United States (941), ahead of Germany (682) and the United Kingdom (592).

The organization -and logistics- of the 2019 World Veterinary Congress will oversee the Costa Rican company COMEXP, a Public Relations company specialized in the organization of congresses, which has a track record of almost 30 years in the development of this type of projects in Latin America.

“An event of this magnitude is a source of pride for us because we are entering the “big leagues”. Carrying out this initiative will be a window to showcase all of Costa Rica because it could mean the initial step, we need for other plans of this magnitude to come to the country in the future with the consequent benefit in the development of new ventures,” said Nuvia Ramirez, Manager of COMEXP.

Those who wish to know more details of the WVA Congress 2019 can access

Source: Press Department, COMEXP.

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