How to make a successful corporate party in these times?


How to make a successful corporate party in these times?


How to make a successful corporate party in these times?

Hybrid events take hold

At the Convention Center we understand that the new way of holding events changed as a result of the pandemic we are experiencing. However, this has made innovation and technology the new guests of honor at corporate parties and even in tourism for meetings, congresses and corporate conventions.

At the Costa Rica Convention Center we have worked very hard to offer the best hybrid experiences to our clients where, thanks to our security certifications, we can offer a variety of safe spaces and also offer all the equipment and technology to create virtual events that are combined with the presence of up to 75 people.

Due to social distancing, the work culture has undergone unavoidable and unexpected changes within a large number of companies. For this reason, it is very important to maintain and promote a work environment of closeness, trust and continue with the training and motivation tasks to increase productivity.

One of the great motivations is the famous New Year’s Eve party in companies. Undoubtedly this year the celebration will not be much like the previous ones, but we can take the positive from the advantages that technology gives us so that this party becomes a unique event that your collaborators will never forget.

We want to share ideas and tips to achieve an unforgettable corporate party this 2020:

An online concert: An online concert with one or more national artists can be the perfect plan for your company party. We have the space and technology to help you do it and thus bring your collaborators an incredible moment to their homes. The way of communicating it can be very creative such as a funny count or sending clues to make the event a surprise. They will only have to connect one day at a certain time to sing and dance from their homes. From here, we will be taking care of every detail.

Cooking class: Totally changing the way the famous corporate party was celebrated can lead to new talents being found, and cooking can be one of them. A nice way for your collaborators to share with their colleagues and family is through a delicious cooking class. A great idea is for our chef to challenge your collaborators to make a delicious recipe. Imagine being at home and when you open the door you are handed a basket full of delicious ingredients and invited to join an online class and eat delicious. We take care of the rest, offering the space and equipment to make it a unique moment.

Cocktail Night: What if you toast in a different way this year? We know that drinks are a favorite part of every event and we want to offer you a different idea of ​​enjoying them this year, which you think is the idea of ​​having an exclusive mixologist for your work team, without a doubt in our venue you will have the ideal space so that the show begins and thus the creation of the best drinks while your collaborators perform them live from their homes and enjoy them with the rest of their colleagues online.

And there are many other ways to enjoy with your collaborators and for this we also have the best service and advice, to help you create all kinds of events that comply with the protocols of the Ministry of Health and with virtual services to create the best Hybrid corporate parties of the country.

Count on us as an event center to bring your collaborators an incredible experience that they will never forget.

At the Convention Center we want to close the year with a new way of creating experiences.

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