Get to know these food recommendations for your events


Get to know these food recommendations for your events


Get to know these food recommendations for your events

Every time we think about food to enjoy at an event hall, we picture a long buffet line, right? And although that is a great option for a large party, there are other ways to introduce food into your event. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Brunch: the Best of Both Worlds

If you are planning an event like a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday celebration, or even a wedding, you could consider this trend that has swept the world in the last few years. A brunch combines the best parts of the recipes, usually divided between breakfast and lunch, and we are able to create a party that generally starts at 10:00am and go on until the afternoon in a casual and relaxed environment.

  • More than a Coffee

If you are organizing something a bit more formal, like a business meeting, how about taking the classic coffee and biscuits to another level? Planning more nutritious and elaborate snacks for meetings and congresses is key to make the attendees happy and full of energy.

  • What Kind of Diner?

For large events such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries or quinceañera parties, diner is one of the most expected elements by the guests when arriving at the party hall. But, how will you serve it? If we are talking about a reasonable number of guests, serving at the table is generally more elegant and efficient cost wise. And if we are talking about large number of guests, the buffet is always an excellent choice.

Gastronomic experience

  • The Food Truck Craze

Surely you have seen them at any mass event that you have attended: Food trucks with all types of food available for you to choose your favorite. This is a great option for concerts, fairs, and expositions.

  • Take into Consideration all the Possible Diet Restrictions

Nowadays, the food options that we offer at our event halls must always include, or at least when possible, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

At the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica, we have a gastronomical team ready to take your ideas to the next level in the party hall. . Have you seen our gastronomic offer? You can check it out here:

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