Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards


Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards


Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards

Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards

Costa Rica Convention Center wins 3 Eventex 2021 Awards

We work well alone, but together we work better. We are proud to inform you that the Costa Rica Convention Center is among the great winners of the 2021 Eventex Awards.

What are the Eventex awards?

The Eventex Awards are one of the most appreciated awards in the world of events and experimental marketing, they represent a symbol of excellence since their foundation in 2009. For the 2021 edition, 561 entries were counted and received from a total of 37 countries.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate creativity, innovation and efficiency in the industry. Every year, the competition highlights the best agencies, events and technology in the world of events.

The Eventex awards obtained in 2021 are:

  • The gold award, received in the category of «People’s Choice»: We have received this award for the second consecutive year, thanks to the public vote, where anyone around the world can choose the venue or event they want.
  • The bronze award in the category of «Best Convention Center in the World»: This award focuses on highlighting the different qualities and operation of the CCCR. In this category we highlight the following characteristics:
  • The award in the category of «Most Versatile Venue»: In this category, we highlight the adaptability of the venue, as well as:
    • Attention to detail and customer needs.
    • Adaptability to change and implementation of virtuality as a new business unit.

The foregoing adds to the more than 18 international certifications, recognitions and awards that they have received since its inauguration in August 2018 and that help to position Costa Rica within the world map of the Meetings Industry, which is awaiting that sanitary restrictions improve for the realization of a large number of events and makes our country one of the first options in Latin America as the venue for important events.

Álvaro Rojas, General Manager of the Costa Rica Convention Center has repeatedly mentioned that these recognitions are the reward for the effort and work developed by an entire team that has been leading, working and developing different initiatives for several years at the Center. He also indicated that the ICT has had a great vision in the diversification of tourism products, placing Costa Rica as one of the most important emerging destinations in the Meetings Industry.

As the only Convention Center in Costa Rica, we are committed to continue adding to the country, transmitting knowledge and creating unique experiences in our clients that allow us to continue positioning ourselves in the world.

Today, each event that takes place we focus on giving an excellent service but also on taking care of all the people who enter the venue, we have a traceability document, which allows us to have greater control of people, cleaning stations and technology state-of-the-art that makes our classrooms a safe environment for the enjoyment of each activity.

This year 2021, we will continue working very hard and focused for the 2022 awards, we have a challenge ahead, but we are consequent that with effort and dedication we will be able to continue reaping greater recognition to our country and improve our position in the Meetings Industry.

«Receiving an Eventex award is a tremendous recognition for the Costa Rica Convention Center. Each award is based entirely on merit and recognizes the company’s fantastic creativity, flexibility and drive for innovation, ”commented Ovanes Ovanessian, co-founder of Eventex Awards.

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