Costa Rica Convention Center announces new international events


Costa Rica Convention Center announces new international events


Costa Rica Convention Center announces new international events

As part of the World Business Meeting Industry Day, the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica announces new international events

  • Grupo Heroica, administrator of the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica (CCCR) announced 13 international events during 2019, added to other additional events yet to be confirmed.

San José, Costa Rica, April 3, 2019. On April 4th, Costa Rica will join the celebration for the World Meeting Industry Day. This is an initiative promoted by the organization Meeting Man Business Coalition, which includes over 40 countries.

This day highlights the importance of the meeting industry in the world, which has positioned firmly as a key business model in the development of economies around the world.

The industry creates a great source of income, jobs and investment, which transfers knowledge and highlights innovation and creativity. In Latin America, this activity represents a sum that amounts to $33 billions dollars a year.

The celebration comes at a time when the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica announced the conformation of 13 international events for this 2019:

  • Latin American Congress of Buiatry
  • V LATINOSAN Conference 2019
  • 2019 World Veterinary Association Congress
  • XXXIII Costa Rican Seminar of Legal Medicine
  • XII Encuentro de la Red Iberoamericana de Instituciones de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forense
  • 2019 International Dentistry Congress
  • 2019 Cinde Job Fair
  • Showtime by Odontopolis
  • Mentora – Progrentis – BrainCo Neuroeducation
  • Expo Con X
  • 2019 Expotur
  • Technologies Forum (private corporate event)
  • Global Conference of International Baptist Biblical Fellowship

* Plus other international events that are under negotiation at the moment.

Within this industry, there are groups worldwide who are experts in the matter, who play a key role, and among them is the International Association of Convention Centers (AIPC) and the Global Fair Association (UFI), who have expressed their opinion on the growth of the country and the CCCR on the matter of meetings.

“A new Center of Conventions always faces a great challenge because they can only be commercialized once they have been built. Many of the events, especially the international ones, will take place several years later. Under this reality, the fact that the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica already has over 10 international events scheduled for 2019 is a great achievement and a positive sign for the future because they will make themselves known in the world industry,” pointed out Rod Cameron. Executive Manager of the International Association of Convention Centers (AIPC).

In this context, the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica announced its goal of becoming a landmark venue in Latin America because of three specific characteristics: excellent service, operational efficiency, and sustainability. The announcement was endorsed after the CCCR informed of these new events that direct the world’s attention to our country.

“The fact that the CCCR is able to host more than 10 international events on 2019 shows that a successful alliance between the public and private sectors anywhere in the country can create magnificent results in the business meeting industry. In this case, the great country vision combined with the interesting management of the private sector, represented by Grupo Heroica, and the important support of the government through the ICT and the intervention of other entities like the Conventions Bureau or the supply chain generate a solid cluster in the city,” affirmed Ana María Arango, manager for Latin America of the Global Fair Association (UFI).

Among the most relevant aspects that organizers consider for the election of Costa Rica as a business meeting destination is the accessibility to the city, destination connectivity, hotel and event infrastructure, local supplier quality, destination mobility, among others.

“International events are the key work of several institutions, and good results are always a positive outcome for the country; they are a confirmation that we have a great future in this industry. More than the economic income that these events will bring, we must value the legacy, intellectual pouring, knowledge equity, the contacts, among other intangibles that help with Costa Rica’s progress and growth,” indicated Alvaro Rojas, General Manager of the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica (CCCR).

In addition to all these conditions, the compound offers its participants a space of three rooms of different sizes that can be divided into different areas, six meeting rooms, press room, one VIP room, kitchen area, among other spaces. The administration of the compound in managed by the private consortium Grupo Heroica – Volio Trejos S.A., which has a extensive experience managing this kind of compounds, as they manage two other Convention Centers.

For more information on the initiative of the celebration of the world business meeting industry day, you may visit

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