CCCR exceeded 2018 expectations: 2019 will come with new challenges


CCCR exceeded 2018 expectations: 2019 will come with new challenges


CCCR exceeded 2018 expectations: 2019 will come with new challenges

  • The venue met the expectations in sales and a grade of 9 out of 10 from the organizers.
  • It is positioned as one of the most sustainable event venues in the region by accomplishing a 100% waste separation in its activities.

San José, Costa Rica. With only 6 months since its opening, the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica (CCCR) achieved a 109% of the agreed sales with the ICT for 2018 thanks to the strengthening of both the operations team and the human talent, who cooperated for a successful development of national and international events.

During 2018, the venue was home for the National Congress of Cardiology, the National Congress of Cooling Professionals, Latin American Congress for Sustainability and Innovation, and the XX Tourism National Congress, to name a few. It also hosted corporative events of big national companies and other private events of fewer people.

This performance came with highly positive annual results from the organizers, which granted a 9,39/10 grade, making it an event venue with high quality and service standards and one of the must sustainable in the area thanks to the 100% waste separation on its activities.

The venue offers its participants a 24,7-acre space with 3 rooms of different dimensions which can be divided into different areas, six meeting rooms, one press room, one VIP room, kitchen area, among others. These characteristics give the organizers the opportunity to see first-hand an increase in attendance to events open to the public, the speed in terms of assembling, the personalized service and the comfort for the attendees.

For this reason, the CCCR was chosen in 2019 to hold six international congresses, like the Latin American Congress for Water Sanitation and the World Veterinary Association Congress, which will take place from the 27 – 30 of April. This is a unique opportunity for veterinarians of all specialties around the world to gather and explore the challenges that animals’ health and wellbeing face. The events estimated the attendance of 1500 people, who will hear 62 lecturers from all over the world.

“We are really excited about 2019 because the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica is moving forward steadily with the goal of becoming a Latin American reference venue for three specific characteristics: our excellent service, the operational efficiency, and sustainability. All the above keeping in mind always supporting the country strategy that the ICT has stablished for this segment, managing to satisfy the service demand of the business meeting industry both internationally, as a main focus, and nationally,” indicated Álvaro Rojas, General Manager of the CCCR.

“As long as we are able to make the CCCR a space that facilitates all the necessary inputs for providers and producers to work swiftly, this will have a direct impact on the quality of the events that we will host,” added Rojas. “That is why, in 2019, we will also continue with our plan to specialize sector providers, as we have the intention of providing the necessary tools so that the quality of the events is better each time.

“This is part of our specialization process, which is a pivot in our strategy and added value; we know that, more than an idea or an isolated action, our value lies in building experiences that have a specialized venue as its core, where all our focus and resources are directed to events without mixing other types of businesses,” concluded Rojas.

About the name of the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica®

The correct name of the compound is Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica ® (CCCR) and its venue is 60 277.9 ft2. Its versatility allows it to adapt spaces that hold from 10 people up to 4 000 in plenum, with the opportunity to offer 1 000 parking spaces.

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