San José, Our Capital City

San José is the capital city of Costa Rica. It became a city in 1813 –205 years ago– and the capital city of the country in 1823. Those who visit this city may enjoy a wide variety of tourist attractions and a representative of culture and cuisine from all over the country.

Art and History

Visitors may learn great part of Costa Rican art and history from many places in the capital city, starting with the country’s architectural gem: the National Theater, located at the heart of San José. This place has not only been the stage for world-class music, ballet and theater performances, but the venue itself is a work of art telling the story of a coffee country that has always dreamed big.

Museum lovers may enjoy tours to the most important museums in the country. These include: the Museum of Costa Rican Art, in La Sabana, with exhibitions from the most outstanding visual artists in the country; museums run by the Central Bank of Costa Rica,underground exhibition rooms under Plaza de la Cultura with coin, natural history and other collections; the Museum of Jade and pre-Columbian Culture, on First Avenue, a tribute to the art and culture of the first settlers in our country; and the National Museum of Costa Rica, very close to the National Theater, on Second Avenue, a former fort where former President José Figueres Ferrer abolished military service with a symbolic shot at one of the walls.

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