The CRCC obtains more international certifications

The CRCC obtains more international certifications

We have made a big effort in this pandemic time and with pride and emotion we want to inform you that we have obtained several international certifications and recognitions that guarantee the quality and safety of our services.

Focus and dedication have been our tools to fully meet the different requirements that each of them requires. Throughout these 3 years of operation, we have obtained more than 10 certificates and  6 recognitions, which works as a guarantee for our customer in health security, excelent processes and innovation in different areas that allows us to continue to maintain a safe environment.

We share them with you below:

Our certifications are:

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • AIPC quality standards (GOLD)
  • Leed Gold
  • Edge
  • BEQ (Building Energy Quotient)
  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
  • Virtual Event & Meeting Management
  • Safe Travels
  • Safe Kitchen
  • Safe Guard
  • Serf Safe

Our recognitions are:

  • Leading campus in Mexico and Central America 2019
  • Leading campus in Mexico and Central America 2020
  • Eventex Sustainable Venue
  • Eventex People’s Choice Venue
  • Blue Flag in Sustainable Construction
  • Blue Flag of Climate Change.
  • Top 15 Best venues in the region


We want to invite you to agree, to design together that Costa Rica Convention Center experience, thinking of your custom event, always in the hands of excellent professionals and in a safe and controlled environment. We keep working to improve and make your events flawless.

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