The CCCR trains on how to efficiently organize events on this venue

San José, Costa Rica At the beginning of October, over 50 companies participated on a training delivered by Grupo Heroica Volio & Trejos, a private company in charge of the administration of the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica, to specialize in organizing events on its premises. Among the companies were event producers, wedding planners, audiovisual providers, stand providers, flower shops, decorators, congress organizers, among others,

Part of the objectives of the administrative company of the CCCR is to hold international quality events, and for this purpose they have a strategy to promote this kind of spaces so that all the partner vendors of the events can do their businesses efficiently for the benefit of the clients that they have in common.

“We have it clear that as long as we are able to make the CCCR a space that facilitates vendors and producers to have all the input necessary to work smoothly, this will replicate directly in the quality of the events that we will host; that is why we support Costa Rican companies, and we will open the door to them…” noted Alvaro Rojas, general manager of the conventions center.

The initiative aims to add to the specialization of the industry on how to operate on this conventions center and give them the necessary tools so that the quality of the national and international events is greater every day.

During the training, material was handed out, like the operations regulation, blueprints of the different rooms, electric and weight specifications, area and capacity tables, photographs, a virtual tour, among others, as well as a tour of the facilities, a show room of the furniture, and a Q&A on the general operation of the compound.

Leonel Bonilla, who represents MICE Centroamérica, one of the participating companies of the training, shared that “from its opening day, the CCCR has kept an open-door policy for all Costa Ricans. Undoubtfully, added to the important national and international encounters that have taken place since that day, the recent trainings for vendors and meeting industry representatives reaffirm the commitment of the administrators to benefit the country and of having a conventions center that belongs to everyone…”

The invitations to these companies were given through the Conventions Bureau and the Congress Professionals Association (APROCON).

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