Juliana López Bermúdez, recognized as a leader of 2020

The global consulting company in association management, Interel Group, recognized Juliana López, president of Grupo Heroica, operator of the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center, as one of the 20 Women Who Advance Associations in 2020 and highlighted her leadership work in the Meeting Industry, as a tribute to commemorate women’s day.

In the interview published on the Women Who Advance website, she refers to the role of women within associations and, although she believes that there is much work to be done, she values ​​that there is an awareness of diversity and inclusion as a fundamental factor for the development of the sector.

Another key factor to achieve success, according to the president of Grupo Heroica, is learning to know the members of an association because it facilitates the identification of collective needs and objectives.

At the same time, it highlights the need for teamwork, the exchange of different generations in the boards of directors and the use of digital platforms that allow instant communication.

In her experience as leader of three venues and member of the board of directors of AIPC (International Association of Convention Centers), Juliana López recognizes that she likes to be fully involved in the Meetings Industry because it is a setting where relationships are strengthened with the colleagues from other latitudes.

“It is incredible that, in countries and cultures very different from ours, there are common situations that can be addressed together and seek innovative solutions that benefit us all,” he says.

As advice to the next generations of leaders in Latin America, he recommends replicating in the region the experience of associations in Europe, where countries participate more among themselves.

“Thanks to continuous innovation in communications, our world is increasingly connected; therefore, we have more opportunities to learn from the successful experiences of other associations around the world, ”he says.

Juliana López is currently the president of Grupo Heroica, operator of the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center, the Valle del Pacífico Event Center and the Costa Rica Convention Center; among other positions during his career is the presidency of the Board of Directors of the Cartagena de Indias Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Board of Directors of the Colombian American Chamber.

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