Convention Center Opened Doors in Costa Rica

Convention Center opened doors in Costa Rica.

After years of waiting, Costa Rica opened the Convention Center, showcasing the country as a profitable destination for the meetings industry.

Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, President of Costa Rica, stressed that “during this government, we gave tourism the priority it deserved, and for that we made the Convention Center a reality –a postponed project that will certainly boost the tourism industry, producing benefits across the country.”

In addition, Mauricio Ventura, Minister of Tourism, assured that the Convention Center is the spearhead to showcase the country’s business tourism, where success depends on service quality, monitoring and follow-up on the strategy to position ourselves in such profitable industry and on the work together with the private sector.

“When I made a commitment to my country to lead the Ministry of Tourism almost 3 years ago, building the Convention Center was the first goal we and the President set. We silenced many voices that told us ‘NO’ along the way with the right attitude, effort and dedication, and overcame the barriers of skepticism. After years of waiting, Costa Rica finally has a world-class venue,” added Ventura.

Building the Convention Center of Costa Rica, the country bet on increasing a tourism offer focused on international conferences. The Sales & Marketing Manager assured that “the Convention Center of Costa Rica is here to add to the growing market with a unique sustainable offer, in modern, technological, versatile and eco-friendly facilities.”

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