Capacity up to 300 people

15“We have received with joy the news that the meetings industry capacity for commercial and academic events goes from 150 people to 300, and social events from 30 to 75 without a doubt some great news for everyone. This industry that has been preparing all these months, for example, in the case of the convention center, we have 4 international certifications on health security issues to provide all visitors with security that they are going to have a fully controlled event , as have other colleagues in the industry, this is good news not only for the convention center not only for national tourism but for all industries because all industries come together, that generates knowledge , generates innovation, generates new policies so with this news it continues to grow and we are waiting and with the doors open so that these next months that we are already waiting, begin more businesses are coming, more visitors and as we say in the industry that knowledge does not stop « 


Alvaro Rojas 

General Manager of the Costa Rica Convention Center

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