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Discover how you can organize the best corporate parties for your employees

The time of the year has come when celebrating is the #1 priority in almost everyone’s agendas, and that also means that it is time to celebrate with your coworkers for a year of hard work.

Corporate parties are expected by most, and we must make sure that when arriving at the event hall, the time is special and memorable for all. That is why today we have for you some tips to organize an impeccable celebration.

• Choose the type of event
This does not necessarily have to be the traditional evening party (although this format is always valid); you can also think of activities less common like a brunch or a lunch with cocktails in the afternoon. This decision is the first step for you to start planning an event calmly and with a defined set of priorities.

• Gather a team
Meet with coworkers who have similar aptitudes to help you with logistics, design, decoration, and even creativity to plan different activities to surprise the party guests.

• Choose a place
A great event hall is one that manages to adapt to the needs of the different types of parties that it hosts, that is why you should keep in mind these elements when asking for a quote: does it offer technological facilities? Does it offer its own food service? Etc.

• Food and beverages
Here we have a few important decisions to make: will we offer a full meal or will we offer a variety of snacks? This depends on the level of formality of the event.
The same happens with the beverages; it is always good to stop and think about what kind of liquors we will offer. If we are talking about a formal evening, a good selection of wines is enough, but if we are talking about a more dynamic ambience, we must decide the quantity and types of liquor to create that delicate balance.

• Schedule acknowledgements and speeches
This is basic, but we must always find a moment in the itinerary for the leaders of the company to thank the employees and give special recognitions to people who has stood out throughout the work year.

• Don’t forget the music
Whether it is a live band or a DJ, music is crucial in any party hall. Choose wisely, it must liven everybody up!

These are our basic tips for you to organize an unforgettable celebration for your coworkers and employees.

Remember that at the Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica we not only have versatile spaces but also top-quality food, beverages services, technological facilities, and, above all, complete assistance. Let’s talk!

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