How do you deal with the stress of postponing events?

Quarantine has forced us to change many things in a very short time, both in our personal lives and in our work routines.

Most of the plans we had at the beginning of the year today are probably postponed and events are not immune to this rule.

Having to postpone an event, and continue doing it indefinitely for reasons that are not within our control, can cause us discomfort and anxiety, for this reason, we want to share these tips that will help you deal with those feelings.

Accept: Although many things are happening right now that we cannot control or change, there are others that are. One of them is our thinking, so the first thing you can do to reduce the stress and anxiety you feel is to accept that your event is going to be different from the one you had planned in the beginning and that this is not bad.

Acceptance will allow you to make decisions with an optimistic approach and also enjoy the new preparations thinking why not, in an event better than the original.

Reframe: Having alternatives is always a good way to prepare emotionally for uncertainty, in this sense, the best way to eliminate the tension generated by postponing an event is not to have to postpone it!

To achieve this, it is necessary that you explore what other options are available, for example, you could organize a virtual or hybrid version of your event, https://envivo2020.costaricacc.com/ or modify the original structure to be able to carry it out in several small sessions, adapted to current health restrictions. In case you decide to rethink, the most important thing is that you review your priorities and be clear about which aspects you want to adapt and which ones you don’t.

We know that the current context is challenging for our industry, but we assure you that, with a positive and stress-free vision, the experience of planning your event can be very rewarding and enriching.

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