Virtual Services “LIVE 2020”

During these last 5 months, we have made the most of the time.

By closing our doors and being able to only attend a reduced capacity in our venue, we set ourselves the task of generating new services that could facilitate and expand the number of attendees to the events in a safe way and maintaining the quality that characterizes us.

For this reason, on Tuesday, August 11, we launched through the Zoom platform, our launch of the new virtual services “En VIVO 2020”.

We were accompanied at the event by more than 300 participants, to whom we introduced live the new five services that the CCCR offers, which cover the different needs of the market, ranging from hybrid experiences, streaming services, to recording rooms. It is important to highlight that these can be adjusted according to the requirements of your companies or social activities.

Since the opening of the Costa Rica Convention Center, we have given life to the events industry, we have built the definition of live experiences as a team and we have always delivered the best of services. For that reason, if you could not participate or want to see the broadcast, we invite you to enter our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0XnYZL5fac&t=12s and if you want to quote any of these great services you can enter to the following link https://envivo2020.costaricacc.com/.

We thank all those people who in one way or another have supported us during this new stage, we are waiting for you soon at the CCCR, a safe environment.

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