Visita guiada a estudiantes en el centro de convenciones de costa rica

Proper Waste Management & Commitment to Community

As part of the organizational principles of the CCCR, we ensure proper use and management of waste products from all events.

Since it opened, the CCCR has complied with the National Recycling Strategy involving solid waste segregation and labeling. With the support of social organizations such as Yo Hago El Cambio (“I Make the Change!”), a partnership was formed to treat and recycle materials such as plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, and electronic scrap at our facilities.

From January to June 2018, a total of 1924.5 kilos of recyclable materials were treated as follows:

425 kilos of organic waste (23.49% food); 171.5 kilos and 0.5 kilos of containers (8.91% plastic and 0.03% Tetra Pack, respectively); 6 kilos of aluminum (0.31% cans); 854 kilos of paper and cardboard (44.40% baled cardboard); 440 kilos of glass (22.86% bottles).

Guided Tours: Unique Experiences for our Visitors

The CCCR opened its doors and created unique experiences for our visitors to be familiar with our areas and share information on the main sustainable characteristics of the building.

Recent visitors included students from high schools and colleges such as Bagaces High School, National University, National Technical University, and University of Costa Rica, who were taken on a guided tour to see the benefits of the building.

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