apoyo sostenible cccr

The CCCR Committed to Sustainable Events

In search of quality and eco-friendly performance, the Convention Center of Costa Rica has decided to ensure maximum sustainability in developing each and every event.

The CCCR has tailor-made room and ecological design mainly to protect and make the most of the resources available, in order to create the best experience for customers.

Interiors with natural lighting, sunlight diffusers, and proper handling of rainwater for irrigation are part of the ecological design of the venue.

Additionally, large green areas surrounded by lush vegetation for purified air and reduced static electricity make the CCCR a natural place with unique Costa Rican beauty.

In addition to the above and in order to have a system in place to use renewable energy, the CCCR has in each area indoor and outdoor LED lighting; water-treatment plant with 400 m³ capacity per day; and automatic shut-off faucets by mechanical means or motion sensors for most effective use of water.

It also includes reflective roofs, walls and sun visors to reduce solar heat and allow for air conditioning systems to work with the minimum degree possible; high-tech air conditioning with energy saving systems for specific areas; motion sensors for on/off switching; solid and liquid waste management, among others.

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