Large and Versatile Facilities

The CCCR has large and versatile facilities for our customers to enjoy, equipped with cutting edge technology and a team of professionals willing to provide a better service.

Our conference rooms and exhibition halls rooms, such as Talamanca, Central and Guanacaste, named after our three volcanic mountain ranges, are the largest areas in the venue, accommodating up to 5,800 people.

These areas may be tailored to individual preferences and needs, with a division in between through partition panels isolating acoustics from the remaining areas.

In addition to these halls –perfect for conventions, conferences, fairs, concerts and even weddings, the Center has other smaller areas for corporate or executive meetings. These six rooms, i.e., Limón, Alajuela, Puntarenas, Cartago, Heredia and Guanacaste, were named after six of our seven provinces. The main entrance was named after our capital.

City: San José.

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