Costa Rica Convention Center

The Costa Rica Convention Center (CRCC) is an advanced eco-friendly architectural work inspired by Costa Rican biodiversity, culture and authenticity. The design was conceived to offer unique experiences for visitors in a sustainable, modern and versatile fashion.

The CRCC is a country project to meet the demand of business tourism in providing room and better conditions to host and conduct both national and international conferences, conventions and social events.

With this work, Costa Rica aims to leverage their business strengths and become a leading convention destination in the region.

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"The drum: an iconic symbol in Costa Rica:

“The Drum” is a perfectly designed vertical item in harmony with the horizontal construction. The oval represents flora and fauna –Costa Rica’s most notable feature.

The CRCC conveys the essence of our country with outstanding features such as:

Costa Rica Convention Center | History 2


“Evolution” Sculpture

Walking through “San José” main entrance, our visitors are welcomed by a unique
exhibition of Costa Rican modern art. Named “Evolution,” it was made by internationally renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia. Such an experience is complemented with the colors of a typical oxcart wheel at the feet of visitors. Colors red, blue and orange burst on the floor, dying the foyers.

The Five Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres

Our five pre-Columbian stone spheres –mounted on a 60cm natural base– are symbols that represent Costa Rican idiosyncrasy, culture and history. They are our past and were declared a World Heritage Site in 2014.

Second Republic Wall Painting

The Second Republic Wall Painting made by Lucio Ranucci in the 50s praises the values of our society – with education, public works, agriculture, and family scenes on the edges.
This contemporary heritage work was exhibited at the former “El Coco” International Airport.

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We partner with our customers, with professionalism and dedication, to develop eco-friendly and perfect events to meet their goals, exceed their expectations and create a memorable experience for their visitors.


We will be a leader in Latin America in terms of service excellence, operational effectiveness and sustainability, through dedicated human talent promoting ongoing innovation in our processes.